Zombie Accountant

In 2010, a terrifying zombie outbreak threatens to consume humanity and you fall victim to the undead curse, doomed to hunger for human flesh. In a startling turn of events, the army actually manages to contain and eliminate the threat. Life quickly returns to normal.

Except you’re still a zombie. And it’s tax season.

Complete tax returns as fast as possible without eating your coworkers! With any luck, you can still make it to zombie partner.


Available now on Xbox Live Indie Games!

Download to your Xbox 360 from your PC!

Available now on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace!

Get the free trial now!



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  1. […] finished my first game! It’s called Zombie Accountant and it’s out now on the Windows Phone 7 […]

    • Kenshin5435 says:

      I purchased the Zombie Accountant game on xbox360, and I got all ten top high score spots. But my friend also purchased the game, and my high scores don’t show up on his. Are the high scores individualized to each xbox account instead of online?

      • Ben Kane says:

        High scores are saved locally to each Xbox. Different accounts on the same Xbox save device (hard drive or memory unit for example) will share scores, but not online. Indie games don’t have access to Leaderboards, so the workarounds involve a lot of work for little gain unfortunately. I’d like to have high score sharing though – perhaps in a sequel. Thanks for playing!

  2. […] that I have a game out on the marketplace, I can shift my attention to the next important thing: constantly checking on how the game is […]

  3. […] you found this useful, follow me on Twitter @benkane and check out my new game Zombie Accountant! […]

  4. Kristen says:

    OK, I’m apparently retarded and I cannot figure out how to jump over the coworkers. Is there a trick? I notice if you hold down the arrow, you go a little higher, but I still hit him everytime. I am a forreal accountant though, so that’s where the retard part comes from. ha. However, I love playing this game…even more than Angry Birds! I’m determined to figure out how to jump over that guy! haha.

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